Beyene Roba is a young public health professional with a BSc in Public Health from Wolaita Sodo University, where he graduated with honors in 2020. His commitment to advancing healthcare led him to a lecturing position at Wolaita Sodo University before furthering his studies.

In 2022, Beyene earned his Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with a focus on Reproductive, Population, and Family Health from Addis Ababa University. Known for his hard work, versatility, and exceptional interpersonal skills, Beyene has been actively engaged in various quantitative and qualitative research assessments.

Beyene’s passion lies in public health domains including reproductive health, newborn health, identifying and addressing less attentive newborn health concerns, lecturing, and child psychology.

Currently, Beyene is a member of the CIS team, working as a study site coordinator for ACS and SLS projects. His role involves spearheading impactful initiatives and contributing to the advancement of healthcare implementation research.