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The Saving Little Lives (SLL) program

Explore Ethiopia’s Saving Little Lives (SLL) program, striving to reduce the neonatal mortality rate by 35%. Led by the Ministry of Health, this initiative collaborates with regional health bureaus, academic institutions, and UNICEF. Discover how SLL focuses on scaling up crucial interventions for preterm and low-birth weight neonates in 290 hospitals across six regions. Join our mission to save little lives through a three-phase scale-up plan backed by continuous data analysis.

Antenatal corticosteroids scale-up implementation research

Explore groundbreaking research tackling preterm birth complications globally. Our project focuses on optimizing antenatal corticosteroid (ACS) use, addressing the stark disparity in low- to middle-income countries. With sites in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, our four-and-a-half-year initiative aims to achieve 70% population-level ACS coverage. Learn about our innovative approach, from model development in Ethiopian hospitals to scaled-up implementation in key zones. 

Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care scale-up implementation research

Unlock the potential of Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) in significantly reducing neonatal mortality. With 32 million small-for-gestational-age and 15 million preterm births annually, KMC has proven to cut mortality rates by 40% in stable preterm births and 25% for newborns weighing 1,000 – 1,799g.

Explore our multi-country research aiming for 80% immediate KMC coverage, optimizing implementation models for impactful neonatal outcomes. Contribute to a healthier future.

Specialized lactation support implementation research

Discover how we’re addressing the critical challenge of preterm births and low birth weight in Ethiopia through our specialized lactation support implementation research. Ethiopia ranks eighth globally for preterm births, with limited access to advanced medical care for very preterm and low birth weight infants. Our proposed study focuses on delivering specialized lactation management to infants at home in low-resource settings, aiming to improve breastfeeding and growth outcomes. Learn more about our ongoing formative assessment, literature review, and the phased implementation process to bring effective support to those who need it the most.



Our Works