Tadele Tesfean Abraha

Tadele Tesfean Abraha is a public health nutritionist with a clinical/community service, teaching, and implementation research experience. He works in the primary health care unit both as a technical expert and health center director, teaches different courses to nursing, emergency medical technicians, health extension worker, and midwife students. In addition, Tadele also take a part in a large-scale implementation research project called Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) implementation research project for scale up which was funded by WHO.

At this time, Tadele is coordinating and liaising Saving Little Lives (SLL) project in Tigray. SLL project is a large-scale project funded by the Global Financing Facility and coordinated by UNICEF Ethiopia. This project is implemented in Ethiopia by a consortium of global partners, local universities, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, and regional Health Bureaus in Ethiopia. The project is designed to accelerate the scale-up of package of interventions for preterm and low birth weight babies across 40 hospitals in Tigray.